Population Projections

Household forecast distribution, by county, 2040

Source: Metro

Why is this important?

Population forecasts indicate the anticipated number of new households that will be added to a community in the future. Household projection calculations are the result of two factors: population projections and headship rates, or the share of people that head an independent household. Projected growth in the adult population, due to aging and immigration, continue to have the largest influence on future household growth [i]. These households will need a variety of types of housing units to meet their needs, and these figures serve as the basis for planning to accommodate these necessary housing units. It is important to track household projections so that individual cities and the region as a whole can develop policies and regulations that will ensure enough land is available to meet the projected housing need while still protecting our region’s valuable farmland and natural amenities.


[i] McCue, Daniel and Christopher Herbert. “Updated Household Projections, 2015-20135: Methodology and Results.” Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University (2016). http://www.jchs.harvard.edu/sites/jchs.harvard.edu/files/household_growth_projections2016_jchs.pdf