Affordable Housing Policies and Implementation

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With an overwhelming desire to find solutions to housing affordability challenges, the Housing Data Hub includes a comparative analysis of the various policies and implementation tools available to local governments. This information provides a baseline understanding of the affordable housing strategies currently deployed in the Portland metro area and will inform policy conversations. Dozens of potential policies, regulations, and incentives have been identified and grouped into six categories: tools that Permit, Require, Generate Funding for, Incentivize, create Partnerships, and Assist in the provision of affordable housing.

In the initial phase, the HDH includes a comparative analysis of tools in the Incentivize category including both Regulatory Incentives and Financial Incentives. All cities and counties with populations greater than 20,000 have been included in this analysis. As work progresses, the other categories will be completed.

Partnerships (coming soon)

Requirements (coming soon)

Funding (coming soon)

Cross Cutting Factors (coming soon)

Financial Assistance (coming soon)