GPP’s Housing Data Hub:
Research based data for public policy and planning

The Greater Portland Pulse (GPP) Housing Data Hub is a research platform that provides data and context about a range of housing issues in the Portland, Oregon metro region. The indicators, research, maps, and data stories on the Housing Data Hub support discussions, advance scholarship, and promote informed decision making about housing policy in the Portland, Oregon, metro region. The Housing Data Hub builds on previous work from GPP and Neighborhood Pulse and allows us to explore multiple facets of the regional housing market.

The Housing Data Hub will further GPP’s mission while promoting new research about the state of housing in our region. The HDH has three primary components: Regional Indicators, Small Geography Maps, and Original Research.

Regional Indicators: A concise, coherent and expert-vetted set of regional indicators that provide a continuously updated overview of the state of housing in the Portland, Oregon, metro region. The indicators give a high level overview of the housing market as it changes over time and helps the public, policy makers, and the media identify areas for deeper analysis.

Small Geography Maps: The maps allow us to explore the housing market as it plays out in neighborhoods and jurisdictions across the region.

Original Research: Original research published on the HDH explores the legal and public policy issues involving land use, real estate, housing, and urban affairs in the Portland, Oregon, metro region. Request Custom Research. Do you have a question about housing in your community? Would you like to see research on our site applied to your town or neighborhood? We provide custom research and data analysis tailored to meet your needs and budget.

GPP was founded as a joint project by the Institute of Portland Metropolitan Studies and Metro. Since its launch in 2010, GPP has provided opportunities for dialogue while educating the public on regional goals and our progress toward them. GPP is central to the IMS mission. Housed at Portland State University, IMS convenes regional partners, curates credible information and conducts objective policy research to stimulate dialogue and action that address critical regional issues.

IMS also provides statewide information about demographic trends through our affiliate program, the Population Research Center.